Our Difference

Who we are

Since our inception in 2015, Emergency Response Services has seen an increase in the number and diversity of public events. From major concerts, featuring high-profile international performers, motorsport and other sporting events, and music, food & wine, cultural and community festivals.

Emergency Response Services has seen an increased demand for the supply of Medical and First Aid services provided by experienced personnel.

We demonstrated expertise and professional confidentiality, essential when providing “back stage” services to major artists. One of our specialities is supporting and providing advanced first aid support to major event “bump-ins” and “bump-outs”.

Safety Officer services are provided by personnel with experience and current certification and training.

We have staff experienced in Medical and Safety support in the industrial environment.
This includes remote area services, mining, oil & gas fields, water & gas pipelines, and construction sites throughout Australia.

Our commitment is to provide updated, professional First Aid, Medical and Safety services.

Why choose Emergency Response Services?

We have “the numbers on the board”.

Our valued team is comprised of experienced staff, with many years of experience in front-line operational roles in the pre-hospital emergency care field.